Showing the Kids A Good Time

So Thursday, our niece called to see what we were doing this weekend because she was considering coming for a visit. I told her that other than hanging with Robert Pattison of Twilight fame for some help on his make-out scenes, I was free. Surprisingly, she decided to drive right up.

And then we put her to work.

Hey, it wasn’t like she showed up with a migraine, couldn’t go out to eat cause she threw up in the parking lot, and had to take medication so she could fall into bed in a dead sleep. Oh, yeah, it WAS like that. But if there’s one thing my mother taught me, it’s you can be just as sick working as you can be in bed.

Once she figured out this wasn’t an infirmary ward, she got into the spirit of things.

She’s not riding without a helmet. She’s sitting perfectly still in front of a wind machine.

In an effort to show her a good time, we went to Big Lots, Lowes, church and a rug store. AND a restaurant called Cow Tippers.

Robert Pattinson didn’t actually show up, but she found some hot chocolate on sale at Big Lots, so at least she got something out of the deal.

One thought on “Showing the Kids A Good Time

  1. Nolan looks great I hope you didn’t work her to hard. I hope we don’t have to paint this week end.

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