Shopping with the MoonPie

Outfit 1

Me: You have to be honest with me. When I try on something, give me a 1 for awful and a 10 for great.

MP: Okay. ONE!

Me: I haven’t even tried it on yet. This is my underwear.

MP: Well you don’t want to go out in THAT.

Outfit 2

Me: Well?

MP: It makes you look HUGE in the rear.


MP: It makes you look skinny in the rear?

Sigh. The diet finally begins. REALLY.

3 thoughts on “Shopping with the MoonPie

  1. At least she is honest – my mother tells me that everything looks good when they look awful on me.

  2. Um….Have you seen what she wears when she dresses herself?? I mean she saw nothing wrong with the hair cut she gave herself originally…I think you can sorta judge on your own how you look…sorta

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