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Kittens, this weekend I’m heading to Zollicoffer for my THIRTIETH class reunion. Seriously, I am old. I’m going to meet my cousin tomorrow afternoon and we’re going to a girls’ only event at the lake where I’ll eat at the buffet, hug a lot of people,  and test the limits of my new Spanx. Then on Saturday, JD will accompany me to the soirre and if the 20th reunion is any indication, introduce himself to everyone there as my trophy husband. After all of THAT fun, some dudes are having a little musical throwdown, so I’m planning on partying the night away, as long as the night ends before 11 p.m.

I know what you’re thinking – what am I wearing?   For the girls night out, I’m going with Capri jeans and a print top. Saturday night, I’m wearing new jeans and a sparkly top, and for the after-party – a vintage, 1983 Loverboy t-shirt. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll wear the purple top with a sweater that I purchased at Ann Taylor Loft, OR the coral top, or maybe a black skirt because everyone at the 10th wore dresses, or maybe I’ll stick with the jeans because I don’t want anyone to think I’m stuck up! I can’t really decide, but the good news is my mom will be there and I’m pretty sure she’ll have an opinion. Also, jewelry.

I did my shopping at the new outlet mall near my house and it was a lot of fun, if you find looking at your misshapen body under fluorescent lights fun. I brought it all home and tried it on for JD. He liked everything, but the last one, a pair of jeans and a black top was the one he liked best. The fact that the jeans and top have been in my closet for about 8 years and were the clothes I put on when I had FINISHED trying on clothes made it all that more special. Trophy spouses are not known for their smarts.

The Tyre’s aren’t great at shopping. Moon decided tonight that she just HAD to go to Michael’s and buy some duct tape. She had $15.00 and some change burning a hole in her pocket so I agreed to take her with the stipulation that I didn’t have my bank card with me so she’d have to stick to her budget. She agreed which is how we ended up at the counter with her counting out pennies to scrape together the $17.98 she needed. After the first 100 pennies, the cashier grabbed a 40% coupon out of the register and pronounced the bill paid in full.

I should have tried that at Ann Taylor.

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