She’s got issues

MoonPie’s school sets the curriculum for her grammar, reading, math, spelling, Spanish and PE, while we do history and science on our own. Her dad does science and I get to teach her history. Lucky for me, she LOVES it. Last time we were at the library, she tried to get me to check out a huge, non-fiction book on The War of 1812.

We read a chapter or two every night before bed. This week, she had several options to choose from:


Wow, I had no idea that The Civil War was a time to dance. Sounds like fun. No?


It’s the Titanic, are you sure?


How about the Romans? They did some cool stuff. No? Okay, what do YOU want to read?


Jamestown, again? Didn’t we already read Blood on the River? That was all about Captain Smith and the first settlement. Oh, this is what happens AFTER he leaves? Okay.


Umm, that doesn’t sound so good. You’re sure you want to read THIS? Sigh. Oh well, I guess it could have been worse.


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