She’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain

I expect my mother any second. Moon and I drove to Tennessee on Friday to visit with her, hang out, and drop off my dogs for the week. Okay, mostly that last one. Dogs? That’s right. Freeda has been trying out a new dog named FINLEY for a couple of weeks. Freeda likes him. I like him. Guess what two sour-pusses in the house don’t??

My mom and dad aren’t looking for another dog, but if one suddenly turned up on the mountain, what are they going to do, NOT keep him? You obviously don’t know my parents.



Besides, look at this cutey-patooty.

The only issue with this dog AT ALL is that his bark is slightly high-pitched. Imagine a squeaky wheel going around and around about a hundred times and played through a megaphone one inch from your ear. That’s not loud enough. But besides that, he’s perfect!

Freeda is much quieter. Her only issue is that when she was a puppy, she used to take off for long stretches. We started giving her treats every time she came in the door so that she’d figure out that coming home was a good thing. Now she tends to go out and in a lot. Imagine a revolving door going around and around about a hundred times except that you have to get up and hand the dog a treat every time she comes into view. That’s not aggravating enough. But besides that, she’s perfect!

Good thing my mom is known for being long-suffering and patient.

Hey, she never kicked Tania-the-Mad down the mountain. If she can put up with her, what’s a yapping, aggravating dog or two?


One thought on “She’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain

  1. Finley has already won James heart and made friends with Sally Ann, Jax and the cats. I guess Finley has found a forever home after all those foster homes. James says that anyone who doesn’t like dogs has something wrong with them.

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