Seven Random Thoughts

1. My daughter has frozen shoes. I read that putting them in the freezer will kill the “stinky”. We should all pray that this is true.

2. Jennifer Grey is in incredible shape. Seriously, that woman is FIFTY. I still think the nose job was a mistake, but the is rocking the DWTS outfits.

3. I find some of your Facebook status updates annoying. Well, not YOURS, but a great number. I don’t know why, except that I’m shallow and easily annoyed.

4. The “ice-breaker” at church was “If you could be famous for being a genius, or for being good looking, which would you choose?’ Go with the genius one, because the other can be a curse. Sigh.

5. I used to think I was laid-back. Now I think I’m too uptight. I don’t know myself at all. Or do I? I’m so confused.

6. If my daughter would learn to play bridge, I’d home-school again. I’m pretty sure we could do the 4th grade in a few weeks. It’s just review, right?

7. I heard a TV anchor say that Prince William’s new fiancee is from a middle-class family. Then I read that her parents are millionaires. Just how rich are people in England?

8. I’m watching Enrique Iglesias perform a song and it’s hard for me to even classify it as “music”.

9. I’m officially uncool.

10. Perhaps blogging while watching Dancing With The Stars is a bad idea.

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