Seven bits of Randomness

Kittens, the weekend writers conference wore me out. And I could totally blog about it, and include PHOTOS, but I’m saving that for my other blog that I started because I don’t have enough to do.

Is this the time to tell you about my THIRD blog? Nevermind. Let’s just move on to the random stuff that constitutes my life.

1. I watched Secretariat today and I want every single outfit Diane Lane wore in the movie. EVERY. ONE.

2. I would also like to be the SIZE of Diane Lane.

3. I started the 17 day diet again today. Day One: Breakfast, 2 eggs. Lunch, chicken on green salad. Snack, Krispy Kreme donut. Dinner, McDonalds Chicken Nuggets.  I’m not sure this would be considered a successful beginning.

4. One of the conference leaders said, “Every word you blog is a word you’re not writing on your book.” So my novel would be done now if not for you and your insatiable appetite for all things Zolli!

5. If my parents had taken me to THIS guy’s church, I might have paid attention.

6. I found a bridge blog today. Now I know how you feel. I couldn’t understand a darn thing he was talking about. I’m guessing he had more than 58 points.

7. It sure is taking a long time for these Washington people to raise the ceiling. My dad could have built the whole house by now. What is UP? Maybe they should try to lower the floor.

Sorry, I could do a few more but I’ve learned no one cares if Carolyn won all three rubbers and made 7 no-trump at bridge tonight. And I’m already 274 words behind on my novel.

3 thoughts on “Seven bits of Randomness

  1. I want to see his wife, I want to read your novel, I want the ceiling raised, floor lowered, whatever – do something, and I want to be a size 6. Wishing for a zero is just wasting time, unlike reading your blog which is my FIRST act of the morning.

  2. I saw his wife she looks just like sister, I want the credit card cut up, I want to be a 12, I want a blog everyday but not that bridge stuff.

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