Serious Fun

So every day this week, Moon has gone to art camp until 12:30. Then she comes home and the real FUN begins. That’s right – we’re having BRIDGE CAMP. I intended to sign Moon and her BFF up for a camp downtown, but believe it or not, there wasn’t enough people interested. Must be a lot of people out of town this week.

Monday was the first day and both girls really gave it their full attention. Since then, they’ve spent the week learning about counting their points, bidding their suits, bidding strong hands, bidding weak hands, no trump, Stayman, Jacoby Transfers and signals, both attitude and suit preference. They. Are. Awesome. Well, as awesome as they can be with me as their teacher. They may not win at the Junior Nationals next month, but hopefully they’ve learned enough from me to not fall out of their chair or hit themselves in the head with the bidding box.

But I hope they win, cause the girls – they are competitive.

Jemi giving me the “I’m going to set you” stare.

Moon giving me the “We just set you” laugh.

To be fair, I had a handicap.

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