This is true – most days I feel like I’m the star of my own reality television show. Today’s feature? Acworth Pickers. It’s a very exciting episode.

My mom and Aunt Faye drove into town today, parked in the driveway just long enough for me to jump in the truck, and off we went to a high-quality yard sale. What makes a high-quality sale? LOTS of stuff, low prices. Mom bought a bunch of glassware for .10 cents a piece. I love it when you pay a dime for a glass and the old dude taking money says, “I drank from those when I was a boy at my grandfather’s house.” I was like, “They had glass when you were a boy? I thought back then everyone just crawled around on all fours and lapped at streams.” You don’t get your own show by being sweet.

You know what we like better than cheap? FREE.

This is stuff my friends GAVE me to pass along to my mother. See, when you’re a famous reality TV star, you get certain perks. Like first dibs on things headed to Goodwill. My mom was THRILLED. I really am her favorite. Suck on that, Ammo-Guy and Tania-the-Mad. Jealousy is something we celebrities just have to deal with.

After the yard sale, we went to Value Village, where I got the DEAL OF THE DAY.

Earth Shoes. EARTH shoes.

The most defining feature of Earth® Footwear is a slight 3.7° incline – a unique design that positions the toes 3.7º higher than the heels. The natural angle re-distributes body weight – strengthening, toning, and engaging muscles throughout the body.

Yeah, baby! They look like they’ve never been worn and while they sell for over $100.00 online, I paid $2.99. See what the love of the deal will get you? Well, that and fearlessness where toe fungus is concerned.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when my mom says, “You want HOW much for that?” and we all laugh and throw them a quarter.

Lisa Lohan, Peace, Out.

4 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like we live on different planets.

    I want to spend a weekend with the Acworth Pickers! Will you wear your Earth shoes if I do?

  2. Mantamy, your planet must be closer to the sun, cause you are HOT!
    I’ll go picking with you anytime. 🙂

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