SanDiego, Go!

My company sent me to a convention last week, so Team Tyre decided to use it as an opportunity to explore the west coast. We went a day early so that I wouldn’t be wiped out by the time change, and so we could look around, but mostly that last one. We had lunch in Coronado, sat on the beach in La Jolla, and ate in every restaurant in San Diego. After the convention, I watched my homegirl, Kyra, run a half Ironman. It was kinda fabulous.

At the convention I took a class called How to Blog with Consistency. I guess time will tell if it was worth the 1200.00 bucks. Spoiler alert: probably not. Other things I learned, every post should include a graphic:


Here’s Moon learning about alternative energy sources.

Moon learned a lot on this trip. Like how celebrities will thwart paparzzi by wearing the same clothes over and over so that it looks like the photos were taken on the same day, thus limiting their sales potential. One night before dinner, I told her to wear my blue jean shirt in case it got cold. She didn’t take it off for five days. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop her dad from photographing her constantly.


We’re not worried about sales potential, obviously.

After the conference, we decided to drive to Los Angeles and fly home from there. It wasn’t my favorite city – WAY too many people, but I kinda fell in love with our hotel.


The view from our suite’s balcony overlooking the harbor in Marina Del Rey. You know you’re staying in the wrong part of town when you keep waiting for the concierge to tell you that your card has been declined. We were only able to stay the one night, but it was one, very awesome, night. As Moon said, “That was the best pullout sofa I’ve ever slept on!”

Hey, we didn’t want to spoil her with an actual bed!

Before leaving, we decided to show Moon how the 1% live by walking around Rodeo Drive.


Then we showed her how the 99% live by gawking at everyone and leaving without buying anything.

Now it’s back to real life where my bedroom view consists of a Burger King and a WalMart. At least there’s still plenty of opportunities to gawk.


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