Today was the big Spelling Bee at MoonPie’s school. Her BFF, Jemi, was a 1st/2nd grade participant. We went to cheer her to victory.

Relaxing before the first word. Everyone LOOKS calm.

Pssst, turn around. Why are you distracted??

Oh. Well, stop looking at the MoonPie. You need to pay attention so you can WIN!

See? Everyone should listen to me; they’d be a lot happier.

The proud grin of a winner! ┬áSpeaking of which –

I think mom was a bit proud.

The MoonPie was proud.

Even the people at Wendy’s were proud.

Whew, I love it when all my hard work pays off.

3 thoughts on “S-U-C-C-E-S-S

  1. i was listening to share a thon on the radio while ago and they were tanklig about r c cola and they staed that all they needed was a moon pie to go with th r c ! i say amen to that!

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