Rush Exclusive

I haven’t listened to talk radio in awhile, but as I was out running errands, I caught a bit of Rush Limbaugh. It was his first day back at the microphone after his wedding and he told the story of how he got Elton John to play at his wedding reception. What was interesting is that he said his bride, Kathryn Rogers, actually sealed the deal. They were staying at the same hotel in Hawaii as Elton, and she wrote him a note.

Being a world-renowned blogger, I have obtained a COPY of that note, the only version known to exist. It’s a Rush Limbaugh exclusive!

Sweet and to the point, but girlfriend needs to work on her penmanship.

One thought on “Rush Exclusive

  1. Not sure about that but be careful bsaucee it can elevate blood pressure to some degree,if you are pregnant and have high blood pressure please be careful!I’m not sure how much you have t oeat for it to affect you but you should always play it safe when a baby is involved. )

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