Rocking with the Church Ladies.

When I was growing up and attending Flatt Creek Church of Christ, it never occurred to me that the ladies who went there might be cool. To my adolescent mind, they were just bad hairdo’s in rayon dresses that pulled my hair for giggling during the service. Could it be possible that they had dreams, and talents, interesting friends and cool jobs? Or have Church Ladies’ just changed over the years?

The ladies that I KNOW, are just as holy as those women back at Flatt Creek. They’ll stop what they’re doing and drop a prayer on you in a second. They say things like, “I need more quiet time to hear from the Lord,” and “The Lord has really been convicting me lately.” BUT. They are cool. They run successful businesses, dive with SHARKS, run 7 minute miles, know KUNG FU, quote Charlotte Bronte, travel to India and Israel and China, AND….AND…AND…



And not to just Christian songs. They can play the fire out of Bon Jovi.


Like Kimbo Starr. She’s a mad woman with the sticks.


And these two. No bad hair, no rayon dresses – just Sister/Sister Cool Jam.


You know, come to think of it, the women at some churches would get kicked out for doing what this woman is doing. And she’s in PANTS for crying out loud.


Oh. Well, God even uses Rock Band to speak to us. Like here He’s saying, “Two minutes in a pretend band and you’re already showing cleavage and flashing gang signs. And you look fat.” I don’t know what got into me. Could it be…


Never mind.

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