Right of passage

Rachel finally took that painful step toward womanhood that all girls endure in the name of beauty- the piercing of the ears! We were on our way to the Disney store with Jeanette and Jemi, when we passed by Claire’s and they were offering FREE piercings.  Let me just say that Rachel has been ANTI-piercing for a long time now. No way, no how. But then something happened. She actually went INSIDE a Claire’s.  She saw the butterfly earrings and the ladybug earrings, and the HORSE earrings. Earring mania! That was the help we needed.

Here’s the cool thing. I did not have my camera. And just as I’m sitting there thinking, “dang, where’s my camera”, two awesome Christian lady friends and fellow bloggers, CBED and MemoirsofaBelle, came to the rescue! They were walking through the mall and documented the WHOLE thing! CBED’s photos and captions were perfect. Behold:


Serendipitous moment while rushing through the mall…


Let’s do it! (Jemi getting the dots to show Rachel how it’s done.)


Growing Concerned..


Holding Hands..




That hurt!






Lollipops help.


The end result is a very happy kid with a bag full of new earrings. Total cost of the FREE piercing, starter earrings, and nine extra bribing pairs? 42.00 dollars!

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One thought on “Right of passage

  1. I love how free = $42.
    I love the way her face changed in the instant between having her first ear pierced and the impending second. Her face is so expressive, honest. She was surprised that it hurt and started to think maybe she wouldn’t go on and then you could see the steely resolve wash over her little face and she braced herself again. Maybe she will be an actress. Or maybe we can see much more of her face these days.

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