I think we can all agree that instead of the government using our hard-earned tax dollars on stupid stuff like defense and food stamps, they really ought to be working on time travel. I’m not saying we should be able to go back hundreds of years, but 24 hours as needed would be good.

This morning I looked over the Tyre day and it looked something like this – me – work in pj’s on the couch, JD – work in sweats in the basement, MoonPie – slog it out at school and then have TWO teeth pulled by the dentist.

On first glance, it seems like MP has the worst of it. Not so fast. At 9:15, I got the big idea to reinstall a program on my computer. Thus began two hours of updates that wouldn’t install, programs that were slow to open, and good-bye emails! Awesome. After two hours of praying and complaining, more of one than the other, I finally made an appointment with the genius guys at the Mac store. The Mac store which just happens to be 45 minutes away off of 285! At least it was in the early afternoon, plenty of time to get back before too much traffic. I sweetly asked JD if he’d like to drive my computer to the appointment, OR take MP to the dentist.

Slam, Vroom, the sound of squealing tires.

Coward. I drove MP to the dentist where they gave her laughing gas, numbing gel, and then pried out two baby teeth, and stuffed her mouth with gauze. She came walking down the hall with bloody bandages where her teeth used to be and instructions to have a milkshake for dinner. Then I wrote a check for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS.

About that time JD called to say the geniuses had sold him the wrong software and he had to go back, which put him driving on 285 at rush hour. Did I mention it was raining?

A long traffic ride later, we made it home where I FINALLY got my computer working again. A really bad day for ME. Hey, JD got to hang at the Mac store playing with Ipads, MP got laughing gas and milkshakes. I spent 400 hundred dollars and came home to a frozen Weight Watchers dinner.

Time travel should definately be the platform of 2012.

2 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. Poor Moon Pie she had a hard day – the others things just sound like every other day.

  2. You do ynow that time travel DOES exist for your Mac, right? It’s called Time Machine. Comes factory installed. Works perfect.

    At least it does when one takes the three minutes to set it up and plug it up to an external hard drive.

    Or, you could just keep using prayer and complaining… whatever works for you.

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