A few weeks ago, my dad’s side of the family held a Family Reunion. Unfortunately, my invitation got lost in the mail. Fortunately, I have spies everywhere.

My grandfather is the one wearing the cool glasses. He’s standing next to his brother, whose name I TOTALLY know, but am not saying out of respect for his privacy.

There’s my Aunt Ann. She’s the one feeling silly that she forgot to wear her matching USA shirt. I have no idea who any of the other people are. How should I know? ┬áSomeone ought to arrange a meeting. We could all get together, the whole family, maybe eat some food and connect. I should look into that.

My Aunt Faye is in the purple, next to the AWESOME lady in the orange hat. Go UT! Those other people are no relation, they’re just crashing it for the food.

Oh, this is cool. Every year they bring out my baby pictures. It’s a big hit. I was a BEAUTIFUL baby. My great-uncle, (name withheld INTENTIONALLY) is pointing out one of my many Toddlers and Tiara wins.

The reunion wouldn’t be complete without music from my Uncle Ralph. He’s Cousin Brian’s dad. Hey! There’s Brian, too. You know, I haven’t heard or seen Brian since…hmmm, oh yeah, since my post about him. Darn, I would have liked to have gone. I wonder who was in charge of invites.

Never mind.

8 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Dear cousin, we missed you and I don’t know why not one person asked you were you going to be there, I should be ashamed of myself. YEAH RIGHT! It would be great to see you all. Love to all!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun too bad James is so hard working and couldn’t
    take off work to go.

  3. Oh my .these are just breathtaking. She is evntirhyeg you say she is .Beautiful!! The photography is beyond evntirhyeg. Thanks for sharing ..I didn’t breath while looking at them .just BREATHTAKING!

  4. Everyone has a different take on this. To me the Chateau and PMQs were never much of an aaoitctrtn for a return visit and, the 50s being much different from the 60s, we had no familiarity with the watering holes . I just find Metz an extremely attractive (and much overlooked) city to visit. By the way, the vast majority of respondents so far are picking Metz. So, if there is a large group out there interested in a reunion somewhere else, it would be good to respond.At the same time, the idea of a cruise or Caribbean destination has never been suggested so maybe it could be added to the next questionnaire as an option.While on the subject of cruises, I wonder if there would be any interest in a group traveling to Europe on the Queen Mary 2. This might be of more interest to those of us who went to France by sea instead of by air.

  5. Bill, I was so impressed by this prsetneation, you WOW me all the time. I got out a business card and ripped it and it keeps a crease. i am going to invest in a different card, one that tells people about me, not the company I am working for. Thanks again for the bright spots in my day!

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