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Team Tyre had a minor setback today when we went to assembly at Moon’s school. They had a reception and award ceremony for participants in the Reflections program. Every year they give a theme, then the kids can create something reflecting said theme. This years was Diversity. The categories are visual arts, essay, something else stupid and photography. Guess which one we went with?

Diversity? I’ll just call all my friends over for a group photo. Oh, pale and slightly paler doesn’t count? Hmm.

Kittens, nothing excites Team Tyre more than a creative challenge so we dropped everything, brain stormed, gathered props, got JD’s high-dollar camera, styled the shot, and watched as Moon carefully took the picture and edited it using professional software.  To say we were confident of a win is an understatement.

Which is why when they called some OTHER name for first place that I immediately decided to pull Moon out of public school and demand Cobb County return any taxes we’ve paid into the school system. What a rip off! Kittens, if Moon hadn’t gotten 2nd place, I don’t know WHAT I would have done. Our shot had a diverse group of BARBIES, hanging out and chatting. It was very artsy. As I was standing in line with Moon, another mom looked at us and asked, “Were those your Barbies?” and I actually said, “No, they were hers.” Yeah, I thought she was asking ME. I was a bit discombobulated.

Afterward, I ran up on stage to see the crappy photo that beat ours and, uh, well, I guess it was OKAY. Dude had painted his fingers different colors, drawn faces on them, then held them up over a globe. If you looked at it in a certain way I guess it was alright. But ours had PROFESSIONAL matting!! Since he was Muslim, I decided to celebrate our diversity by congratulating him on his win. Nah, I totally called Homeland Security.

Hey, photography jobs are hard to come by. I’m just thinking long term.

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