I’m watching American Idol and since I have the voice of an angel, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on each contestant.

1. Naima. What’s the tune got to do with it, got to do with it? I was working at Mainstreet, wearing little black boots and pretending to be Madonna in 1984. Good times. What is she wearing? Off key and annoying.

2. Paul McDonald. I love you, Paul, but for the love of God, please stop dancing. You look like Barry Manilow on crack.

3. Thea- She’s beautiful and has a great voice, but is she 15 or 49? Liven it UP, Sister.

4. Yellie McScreamer. Uh, not my cup of Jack Daniels.

5. Haley. Yawn.

6. Stefano – I like cute Italians and he’s got a good voice, but he reminds me of frat boys from the college days. And I’ve never forgiven you Sigma Chi!

7. Pia -I’m sorry, were you singing? I was distracted by the satin, harem/jumpsuit thing you were wearing that managed to make you look three months pregnant. Your stylist is gay and wants you to fail. Seriously. I’m sure he’s hiding in a dressing room and voting for Stefano right now.

8. Scotty -I love Travis Tritt. He’s no Travis Tritt. But if I were 16, and still living in Zollicoffer, I’d probably be blowing kisses at the TV and writing our initials on my notebook.

9. Karen. I hope love will lead me back to when you first began singing and I can fast forward to the next singer. And singer has a soft G, not a HARD G.

10. Casey. I can’t hear that song without thinking of the one who did it best – Weird Al Yankovic. Bring back the stand-up bass. Man, I’m like Casey’s bowels tonight. Irritable.

11. Laura. Better than last week, but not great. When are you going to bring it? I don’t pour my heart and soul into Wednesday nights for you to phone it in!

12. Jacob. Sigh. At this point, I’d rather hear Jennifer Lopez sing some Selena.

I miss Simon.

3 thoughts on “Recap

  1. wow! I’ve never heard such Simonesk comments from you, friend. Glad I don’t sing – not in front of you, anyway.

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