Reason #819 to Marry an Art Major –

Alternate title – My Husband is a Genius.

So the Moonpie’s birthday is today. When we asked her what she wanted, the only thing she could come up with was a church for her Barbies. She already has the Barbie Townhouse and the Barbie Glamour Camper, but felt like they needed a church. Guess what? Mattel doesn’t MAKE a Barbie church. It probably has something to do with the fact that Barbie has no appropriate church clothes.

So, JD decided to BUILD one.


Complete with bell tower and steeple.


And a podium.


The church had to have stained glass windows of course. So we told Rachel that we needed to color some filters for dad’s camera. What can I tell you? She believes everything we say.


The Tree of Life, Adam and Eve


The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark…


Traditional stained glass…


Before he glued the steeple on, he hid a note inside. He wouldn’t tell me what it said. Probably something like, “I made this whole thing while your mother played Bejeweled on Facebook 342 times.”


The backside…


Door detail..


The sign says Church of the Lamb, Tyre Town and Population 6



See? Aren’t you sorry for chasing all those jocks around campus? Face it, art majors are awesome!

6 thoughts on “Reason #819 to Marry an Art Major –

  1. Your right, that is pretty awesome. Be sure to tell us what the note really says. This is something Moonpie will always cherish.

  2. How wonderful is that…..she will be so excited….will be mailing something soon!!!! Happy Birthday, Rachel… ya bunches!!!!

  3. she seemed marginally excited by it….the mermaid barbie is preaching right now, though……. the only one with enough clothes on to be at the pulpit.

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