Reason # 212 to marry an art major

Our assignment this week – to make a model of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Guess which one I did?

_mg_71581The Santa Maria, the largest of the fleet and the one Christopher Columbus sailed?


The Pinta or “painted one”, the fastest of the three ships?

_mg_7156Or the Nina, the smallest, stainless steel ship that was a forerunner of our modern-day submarine?

I’ll give you a hint. Mine took 2 minutes and required a walk to the kitchen by way of my desk. JD’s took THREE HOURS and required a trip to the Dollar Tree and Walmart.

When Rachel and JD began to pack them for show-and-tell, I had to break it to them – it wasn’t actually for  “real” school – it was just for US, you know, to LEARN.

I’m not sure who was more disappointed.

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