I’m not going to say I’m the best mom in the world, but I’ve got to be in the top three. For instance, this morning, Moon was in the bed with me since JD was out of town, and instead of getting her up, I pulled all of the curtains really tight and let her sleep in. I even put the fan on high and put it on her side of the bed. As if that wasn’t enough, while I was waiting for her to stir, I made BACON. After her Highness awoke, we read four chapters of her non-fiction/summer reading list book together, then I set up the paints so she could have a lovely morning creating art.

She called this, “A Day at the Lake”. I have to say it’s one of my favorites. Moon had so much fun she didn’t even look at her computer or tablet until almost three!

My day was not as pleasant. I called JD to tell him that the pool looked a little green around the gills and he told me to fix it. Uh, wasn’t that why I called YOU? Geez, men. Anyway, turns out all I had to do was turn the pool pump on. Except that the pool was low on water and I needed to fill it first. Which would have been great except that the spigot at the pool didn’t work so I had to turn on the MAIN spigot. Which was here:

Down the weedy knoll, through the small door underneath the house. What could be under there besides deer, coyote, rabbits, groundhogs, rats and snakes? I made as much noise as possible going in, so I was pretty confident I’d be safe. Then again, I get all my information from network television.

I decided to make it even more interesting by stripping down and doing my own version of Naked & Afraid.  It was especially entertaining when I came skipping up the hill and almost ran smack into a huge spider web.

Trust me, it’s huge.

After all that, I swept and skimmed the pool, cleaned the screened-in porch, made Moon dinner, read another two chapters about Jane Goodall, played the game of Life, and finished all my day duties.

Now I’m doing a little reality show I like to call:

Barefoot and Booze.

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  1. Sounds like a good day to me. You have a happy daughter, a clean pool and porch what else could you want.

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