Real Hoarding Housewives of Atlanta

As regular readers of this blog may know, (Hi, Mom! How are ya?) I go through stages. Anyone remember P90X? Couponing? Eating only NON-processed food? Back to couponing? The point is, change is part of my DNA. This week up, next week down, this week in, this week – OUT.

I’m purging, and not in a good, “maybe-I-will-finally-lose-15-pounds way.” This is ┬ámore of a “please-don’t-call-that-show-Hoarders” type of purge. Today while JD and the MoonPie were at horseback riding, I decided to go through my clothing and get rid of anything too small, old, stained, out of date, low cut, or just plain ugly.

My closet is now empty. We may make it into a wine closet.

There’s still more to go through. A LOT more. Plus the basement. It was easy for the most part. I DID hang on to some strange things. Like an old shirt that a 100 year old lady gave me before she died. It was hers and I’ve never worn it, but it feels wrong to just throw it out, even though it’s been over EIGHT years and it kinds smells like the nursing home… Okay, out it goes.

I am also getting rid of shoes. For instance, my Doc Martins that JD hates for some reason probably having to do with the fact I’m not 19 and listening to the Violent Femmes. Or whoever young whippersnappers listen to these days. And these –

Which would totally ROCK at the bridge club. Oh well, some smart shopper at Goodwill will snap these up. These bags are just FULL of treasure like this.

I’m planning on taking them this week, but if you’re in need of anything let me know. There’s a cute purse of man-made material with your name on it!

3 thoughts on “Real Hoarding Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Wow! I’m impressed. That’s a lot of stuff!!!!!! I bet you already feel so much better!! So now that your closet is empty, whatever will you wear?? LOL

  2. hey you should keep your eye out for any of my clothes (the ones i didn’t give you), cause i think there is ATLEAST a black cut off tshirt that says something like ” I feel your pain, it must hurt to lose ” ( my favorite shirt ) and maybe a pair or two of running shorts. But YEAH i’ve been in that mess of a laundry room and found a huge spider there…so good job on this!

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