Comments are welcome. Like all of the many “Get Well Soon” comments I received after saying my hiney hurt. I can’t thank you enough. But for those that don’t KNOW, it’s fairly simple. You have to click on the title of the post first, then scroll down. You should now be able to leave sweet, encouraging messages. And you can leave your messages too, Mom.

Moron Kitchen Update – Oh man, do I have something good for this week. It looks super easy and DELISH. I may not eat my normal Sunday Dinner ala Overstuff like usual in anticipation. Also – I made the casserole for my church WITH the right soup – much better. I may actually start reading recipes from now on.

Be still my broken link – Sorry that the Ryan Reynolds link didn’t work. Here’s the photo –


I just thought you should have it…in case it inspired YOU ┬áto be a beekeeper. I might have to rethink the whole idea, must be quite the workout.

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