1. AmmoGuy came by today and picked up my husband. They were together for about 2 hours and he managed to get JD to spend $120.00 dollars. He is officially uninvited to future play dates.

2. I’ve mentioned that I read a fashion blog written by two gay guys. They were critiquing what an actor wore out on the street and wrote, “The jacket is  too tight and the t-shirt is too long.” I showed JD the picture of the guy and he said, “The jacket is  too tight and the t-shirt is too long.” If he starts calling people “kittens”, I’m going to get him his own blog.

3. My mother and my sister bought Girl Scout cookies from MP. Then they said they’d give me the money but to just keep the cookies. I hope they double their order next year.

4. I read today about a woman that is 103 and she’s never been married or had kids.  My friend, Manila Bay Land lived to be 102 and she never married. I’m just saying.

5. The boys on American Pickers use the term, “Junk Drunk”. Hello, my name is Lisa. I’m a junkoholic. It really IS hereditary.

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