If I lived in Zollicoffer, I’d get my vegetables the easy way – stealing them from my parent’s garden. Here I actually have to BUY good food. I recently found a site called Farmers Market Baskets, which will bring a fruit/veggie basket to your neighborhood.


I got all of this for 18 bucks. The website says it would cost 30 – 35.00 at the local grocery. Not as good as stealing, but still a fair price. Since I broke the big 10 by lying earlier this year, I thought I’d go the proper route. I’ll wait and steal from their pantry this winter after they’ve done all the canning.

Speaking of lying

Remember the lady that I lied to that turned out to be a 2nd grade teacher at Rachel’s school? Fun times.


We had our “meet and greet” at her new school.


And this is NOT that teacher. Whew. We had a 50/50 chance and I guess we lucked out. Now I just have to avoid her at all school functions for the next nine months. I’m not above wearing a disguise.

Date Night

My mother called to ask if JD and I were having issues. Why else would we go on DATE night? Seriously. These are the kind of phone calls I get. I guess it’s because my parents never had a date night once the kids were born. Now that the we’re all grown, they do have, “Do you want to ride to Lowes, I need help loading a tub” night, so I guess that’s something. We are not having issues. We just live in 2009.

One thought on “Randomness

  1. Date nights, play dates what will 2010 bring – soon you will have to make a date to eat, sleep. I guess we will just do all those things without making the date.

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