Random things you should know

1. My sister is fine. Don’t feel bad for her. Did I tell you she crept into my crib and stole my baby ring off my pudgy finger? My family holds each other to a certain standard – it’s not how much money you make, or how well your children do, it’s your ability to playfully skewer each other. My brother is the best at this. If HE ever gets a blog I’m changing my name and moving some place where the Internet is just a dream.


Tania attempting to choke me at an early age.

2. Little things make me happy. Just look at this baby..


Every morning as Rachel and I begin her homework, it’s always the same problem – no sharp pencils! Even though we have three small plastic sharpeners (the .79 cent variety) and TWO electric sharpeners, they never seem to work. So I finally gave in and bought ANOTHER one from Staples.  This throw back to Livingston Elementary school is AWESOME.


Look at that pencil – I want to hug it, I want to stalk it, I want to give it cute little names like Missy Sharpster and Queen McPointy Lead. I told you, I am a woman with simple needs.

3. My church is the coolest.


Sure your church probably has Jesus, the Bible, and singing, but does it also do scavenger hunts? Stonebridge held our version of The Amazing Race, sending pairs scurrying across the Marietta Square to find things like the price of sandals at Go Fish, and a restaurant that serves Hot Chocolate with Cheese (turns out there were TWO). So when you get to heaven Jesus will just think you’re  holy. He’ll think we’re  holy and FUN.

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One thought on “Random things you should know

  1. Zolli neglected to mention that the whole idea for the race was HER idea! She’s holy AND clever!

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