Random Conversations of my Day


Me: Hello?

Tania the Mad: I was getting ready to update my status but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t aggravate you.

Me: What to?

TtM: My sister is a poopie-head.

Me: What would bother me about THAT?


MoonPie: I don’t think my friend is very popular.

Me: Really? I find that surprising.

MP: Well, SHE is, but I’m not.

Me: Uh…do you know what popular means?

MP: I’ve got no idea.


(At MP’s school, looking at the artwork)

JD: I think I could pretty much prove that aliens don’t have just one eye.

Me: No, you couldn’t.

JD: Yes I could. It makes no sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

Me: Oh, well here’s the problem. I don’t think that’s his EYE.

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