When my husband played his phone message for me this morning, which said-

“Hey, JD. This is your dad. We’re leaving Amicalola Falls and thought we’d drop by on our way out of town. You can’t call me back so I hope you’re home.”

I immediately:

A. Rolled over and slept another 15 minutes. He’s known me forever. So what if my house is a wreck and I haven’t showered today?

B. Smiled because since it was the new year, I’d started things off right by getting up early, showered, and cleaned my house to greet 2010.

C. Jumped out of bed and began frantically shouting out orders, including “seal the spare bedroom door and don’t let anyone go near there!”

Do I really need to answer this for you?


If they lived in town, I’d be a much better housekeeper. Or get really good at hiding and not answering the door. Whichever.

3 thoughts on “Question:

  1. Trust me Lisa…when you hit 50 you’ll just do ‘A’….. I’ve learned and accepted that creative souls are just ADD and can’t do it all…. so my new 2010 motto is …..’LOVE ME…LOVE MY MESS’

  2. Well……….if I had known you were going to publish that picture, I would have brushed my teeth! Two “bold, fresh pieces of humanity”, I’d say!

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