My mom’s comment on yesterday’s post reminded me that in addition to running around on Saturday to bridge tournaments and chili dinners, she made me go shopping. And not just regular shopping, but a very sweet 87 year old lady had called to offer some vintage clothes for sale, so I was tasked with going by her house and seeing if she had anything worth buying.

Let’s just get this out of the way – I am NEVER going to tell an 87 year old lady that no one wants her heavy duty polyester pantsuits. Especially after she has walked gingerly up the drive, huffing and puffing to her out building, pulled out 8 boxes of clothes, and explained where she wore each and every piece – “to my sister’s wedding”, “with my husband (God bless his soul) on our 25th anniversary.”As if that wasn’t enough pressure, Moon kept exclaiming over everything – Oh, THAT would be so cute! Which explains why I have a box full of double-knit, flammable dresses taking up space in my trunk, and my mom owes me 65.00 bucks!

I expect once she takes a good look at these treasures, I’ll have a lot more free time on my Saturdays.


2 thoughts on “Pushover

  1. I guess I should learn to keep my big mouth shut. Maybe by the time I am 87 I can sell those clothes to someone if they will feel sorry for me. Love you daughter I am glad you are so kind.

  2. Polyester will be back! I am sure that sweet lady relived a lot of wonderful memories talking to you with each item. Next timre, plan to stay a while and bring some tea and cookies.

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