Public School Update

I thought I’d take a moment to update you on how the MoonPie is doing in public school. When we first decided to give it a try, we said if she didn’t like it, we’d go back to homeschooling. With five months under our belts, I think it’s been a great success.

She’s made a lot of nice friends. Only once has she come home complaining that someone teased her. We had a three minute conversation about it, and she’s never mentioned it since. I love to walk the hallways with her and hear people call out to tell her bye, or run up and give hugs.

The media leads you to believe that schools are full of bullies and kids on crack. Yeah, not so much. So far the only thing I’ve had to explain to MP is “Selena Gomez”.

The parents of the kids have been great. They’re friendly and because there’s so many of them – I have almost nothing to do!

The school experience can be made wonderful or horrid depending on the teacher. MP has a GREAT teacher. Of course, I make everybody look good.

The only real negative is that I miss my daughter. I don’t miss the pushing/fighting/tugging/cajoling to get her to finish her schoolwork, but I miss hanging with her.

Okay, there’s TWO negatives. I really miss sleeping in. Does school HAVE to start at 7:50? Geez, what are they doing with my tax money??

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