Public School Review

School is out for summer and not a minute too soon. I was REALLY getting tired of waking up before 8:00 a.m.  and watching JD take Moon to school. And that, Kittens, is the worst of my public school experience – getting up.

It seemed to be Moon’s only issue too.  She LOVED her teacher, the other kids, the Wednesday morning Chick-fil-a Biscuit Days, going to the library, the Fall Festival, all of the Market Days where she got to buy and sell junk with the other kids, the field trips, PE, art class, Field Day, the 80’s Dance, recess, and making lots of friends.

I loved that it was all FREE.

During the last week we were invited to Awards Day. We’d gotten a head’s up that Moon was going to receive one so we thought we’d go ahead and go. SHE didn’t know she was getting one and beforehand I asked her if she’d be disappointed if she didn’t win. She said, “I won’t be sad if I don’t win, and I won’t be all ‘look at me I won an award’ if I do.” And then they called her name.

Yeah, that’s an “I’m Not Proud” look if I’ve ever seen one.

The award is presented to one student in each classroom who has “shown the most improvement in the academic areas, had a positive attitude, given their best effort, or shown consistent performance throughout the entire year.” Since her teacher told me about 782 times that she has REALLY improved over the course of the year, I’m going to take credit for the award. Hello? Who was responsible for her instruction up until this year? Best. Homeschooler. Ever.

I was going to make her do a lot of school work over the summer to keep it fresh for 4th grade, but now, not so much. I think we’ve got a real shot at winning this again next year!

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