Since the MoonPie is having horseback riding camp this week, I thought it would be a good time to revamp her room. Before we brought her home from the hospital, we spent a great deal of time decorating it. It has declined steadily ever since.

One of the most time consuming aspects of her room was the hand-painted border.

Yes, I hand-painted the thing. First I sponge-painted the pink background, then I painted the flowers, THEN I painted a gold border at the top and bottom. And it’s the one thing she insisted be changed. We’re surprising her with a very cool border that should be here in a day or two.

Her first room had a crib, then she upgraded to a full, and a couple of months ago she asked if she could switch beds with the spare bedroom. It’s a queen, pillow-top and hers had been mine as a teen, thus 142 years old, so we said okay. But we don’t have any cute queen size comforters and the bed is in the WRONG place. Ugg. We’ve ordered her a new comforter set and we’re moving things around. She has no idea, and she doesn’t read this blog, so hopefully she’ll be surprised.

The desk doesn’t match so it’s being replaced and the dresser is getting a fresh coat of paint. I’m also throwing away all of the junk and taking bags to Goodwill.

Today we moved all of the furniture and repainted the walls. She wanted to keep the green, so it wasn’t a big deal. The pink is where we filled in the nail holes. When it’s dry, it turns white. Clever!


Yeah, baby! Prepare to be amazed. Hopefully in a good way.

9 thoughts on “Project

  1. Don’t you have enough ongoing projects with the pool, boat, lawn mower, and basement?

  2. I LOVE her room! It so reminded me of Whitney’s at her age! She also had a white iron bed…still have it. After her pink room we advanced to periwinkle which still remains my favorite color she chose for her room. Have fun girl….enjoy all the girlie moments!

  3. Lorelle – Oh my gosh this looks amazing you srsuoiely are too good!!I love those lyrics & the canvas & the whole section look fab :)I am sure that you have thought of this, but you could use knobs as the hangers . I have a frame that I have hanging using like a small doorknob . and I am sure you could find a rustic looking one . however I am sure that you have something very specific in your head that will be perfect :)Congrats on the new blog ~ it looks great :)September 20, 2011 11:22 am

  4. It was nearly imsolpibse to choose, so I will just go with my first gut feeling. 9 & 16. I’m a fan on Facebook! I hope your clients/fans love your contest as much as mine do I’m sure they will because your work is AMAZING! Wonderful year!

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