The armoire has been painted, knobs and fabric have been purchased, and I’m just waiting on the hubby to put it all together. The colors of the room are green, pink, black and white. What can I tell you? It’s what we have.

This is the border for her room. If you look closely, there’s a little bit of pink on the top and bottom. I got it at an ebay store called Beyond Bedding.

Here’s the comforter I purchased from WalMart:

It’s REVERSIBLE, so the other side actually matches the border, white with black design. I also purchased pink sheets and a bed skirt. We found a few pink accent pieces so hopefully it will all tie in nicely.

I think the MoonPie will like it and because everything I’ve purchased has been in the 29.99 – 39.99 range, I’ve fooled myself into thinking we’ll have food money next month. Good news all around.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Yay!! MP move over, make room for me!! I’d like to make weekly visits to my 2nd favorite household!!! (mine is of course FIRST lol) LT, just text me and say when… or I’ll randomly appear!! LOL

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