Preparing for Thanksgiving

I’m in St. Simons, struggling through another bridge-filled week with the in-laws. I was tempted to just forget the blog for a few days, but I thought why quit when I can just “phone-it-in.”

My brother-in-law has been preparing our feast for weeks. One of the most popular aspects is the Chatham Artillery Punch. I’m re-blogging the recipe for those of you who need a little extra help with those “favorite” relatives you see once a year.

And by “favorite”, I mean anyone related to me.

Originated with the Chatham Artillery, Savannah, Ga., and served in that city for more than 100 years. It is delicious, seductive, powerful. This is the punch that knocked out Admiral Schley when he visited Savannah in 1899 after the Spanish War. Admiral Cervera’s Spanish shells were harmless to the brave American admiral, but Artillery Punch scored a direct hit which put him out for two days. Serves 100 (or 10 Admirals)”

1 lb. green tea
2 gallons cold water
3 gallons Catawba wine
1 gallon rum
1 gallon brandy
1 gallon rye whiskey
5 lbs. brown sugar
2 qts. cherries
juice of three dozen oranges
juice of three dozen lemons
1 gallon gin
12 quarts of champagne


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Thanksgiving

  1. Did you drink so much you forgot the rest of the recipe?

    Soak the tea overnight in the 2 gallons of water.

    Mix the tea with the lemon juice then add brown sugar and the liqours. Let mix set for a week at least preferable is two weeks in a covered container.

    When ready to serve pour over a cake of ice. NEVER chill in the refridgerator or used crushed ice. Add the cherries, pineapple. Then add the champagne pour slowly and mix with a circular motion.

    Now serve.

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