Poor Woman’s Version of Botox

I have some friends/family members (they shall remain nameless for now) that don’t believe in Botox. Most of them fall into one of two categories – annoyingly wrinkle free or too far gone to care. I’ll never forget reading an article by 80’s supermodel Christy Turlington where she said she was against plastic surgery. Really? That’s like Halle Berry being against tanning products! If I looked like Christy Turlington I’d be against it too!

One day at a church function, as I was lamenting the two hash marks in the middle of my forehead, a lovely lady swept back her bangs and announced, “Oh honey, Botox will work wonders.” She did look WONDERFUL. Because she’s a sweet, Christian lady and it WAS at a church function, I’m pretty sure it was a message from God.  My only issue is the money. Since we’re trying to give more and spend less, it seems like my timing is off. But NEXT year…

Until then, I’ll dream about what can be. While I don’t have Botox, I DO have Photoshop!

This is me, BEFORE:


Note the hash marks, the bags, the bad skin.

This is me AFTER:


I don’t think it’s too much at all. Perfectly natural.   For reference, my high school graduation picture is below.


I have been renewed!

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