Poor Things


Where is this sale? Why did we have to park so far away? Look at all of this parking. Did you read the sign correctly? We probably won’t find anything anyway.


Are we anywhere close? Look at all of these empty places. Are those people parking? Why did they get to park close and we had to walk? Can you see the house? I’m not expecting to find anything.


Is that it? I don’t see anything. Why do they have it roped off? I bet we don’t find anything.


I’m freezing. Can you hold me? I don’t want your jacket. Can I have your jacket? Can you hold me again? When are they going to let us in? I have to use the bathroom. I’m hungry. Can Daddy come get me?


Why haven’t they opened the door? Did they say 9? The paper didn’t say 9. They could let us in, it’s cold. How much longer? 11 minutes? Your watch is slow. I don’t expect to find anything. Did you see a price? I can’t find a price on anything.


You got that whole thing for 8 dollars? She gave me the horse for free. Does your mom need help carrying all of her stuff? That outfit was only 2 dollars. Can we fit it in the truck?  How much longer will she be looking? I think she’s coming now. That wasn’t far from your house. Their prices were good. I liked that Hold table; that was a good idea. Who needs to go to the bathroom? Who’s hungry?

That was fun. How far to the next one?

2 thoughts on “Poor Things

  1. I like how Moonpie is freezing and begging for your coat and you’re like “Hold on, let me get a picture of your suffering for my blog first. Wait, that one didn’t turn out right. Let’s try again. This ones blurry too, you moved. STOP SHIVERING! I’m trying to get a picture.”

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