Poor Baby


My puppy has issues. A few weeks ago, a large bump appeared on the inside of her eyelid. We decided to wait before taking her to the vet, and just keep an eye on it. Why? I have no idea. I guess we were hoping it would just fall off. No such luck. In fact, she got ANOTHER one.


She had to have eye-surgery to have them removed, hence the Cone of Shame. It has to be worn for EIGHT days.


It’s really too bad. If anyone in this house needs an eye lift, it’s ME. I wonder if they make those cones for humans. I feel sorry for her, but it’s not easy on US either.


I missed half of Conan.

2 thoughts on “Poor Baby

  1. We, too, have had to wear the “cone of shame” before. And you can imagine how much Willie Jake liked it! After he no longer needed it I heard about a much better one. It’s sorta like one of those neck pillows you wear when flying, only it goes all the way around. Much better for all concerned — you wouldn’t miss as much of Conan.

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