Play and Playoffs

The weekend is over and I’m still alive so that’s something. Mom and the Aunts’ arrived early in the morning on Thursday because, estate sale. Normally they’d get here around noon, but we’d heard about an estate sale that promised to have some great finds, so OBVIOUSLY we wanted to be the first ones through the door. Unfortunately, other people had also heard about the sale so we were more like 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th but we managed to find a few things. The biggest dilemma of the day was not whether I should spend the $15.00 for a bench for the front door, or whether my mom should buy EVERY vintage photo she saw. No, the biggest question of the day was whether the man that Ann was talking to was actually a woman. The purse and the necklace put Ann firmly in the “woman” camp, while his height, voice and lack of makeup made me think “man”. Although to be fair, if lack of makeup is any indication, I’m also male.

Not only did I forget makeup, but I realized on Friday that I hadn’t washed my hair since MONDAY. Did I mention I’ve been sick? The snorting and coughing combined with work and running around to yard sales led me to put shampooing further down the list than normal. To be honest, with the yard-sale ladies in town, everything falls below shopping, eating, and laughing.

After they left on Saturday, I went to dinner with a local ministry¬† at the home of one of Georgia’s premier pastors.¬† I am sad to say that he obviously has no discernment whatsoever because when he and his wife had to make an early exit, he gave me the code to his house so I could lock up. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve reached a level of maturity that kept me from going room to room and snooping through his house. I did manage to sneak into the pantry for a Ziplock bag but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do when there’s leftover brownies to be had, amiright Kittens?

Sunday I stayed home in bed until church was over because I was sick and I’d just eaten dinner with a pastor so I think that qualifies, after which I moved to the couch to cough and watch the football playoffs.

Despite everyone telling me that Peyton was going to LOSE to Brady, he WON and now the Broncos are in the Super Bowl which is exactly what I thought would happen two weeks ago when the playoffs began and I suddenly began to care.

And that was MY weekend. How was yours?

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