Is it Friday? Oh, thank you LORD, the weekend is here. I love weekends, mainly because I use it as an excuse to do no work. Never mind that I can use the laptop anytime, anywhere, the point is that most people are OFF and thus, I shall be as well. I don’t let the fact that most people didn’t spend the work week in their pj’s and watching Netflix’s Monsoon Wedding sway me.

Not that it’s been a terrible week. I got to volunteer at MP’s school Wednesday and I always enjoy that. ¬†Well, except for the part where I have to shower, it’s good. One of the things I’m often asked to do is listen to a student read and watch them take a short quiz afterward. Which is how I came to hear all about Disgusting Jobs and Disgusting Bugs. Yes, it was a boy reader, why do you ask? It was fun to get to know one of MP’s classmates. As we read through some of the more disgusting jobs, like cleaning porta-potties, I asked him what he wants to do when he grows up. “I’m considering engineering. Of course I’ll go to Georgia Tech.” Well. I’m pretty sure MP still wants to be the girl that sells gum at the Quik Trip.

I had written MP’s teachers for an update and they gave me a glowing report that said she “gives 100%, tries her best, is a breath of fresh air.” Which was interesting since I spent all Wednesday evening saying “DO YOUR HOMEWORK” over and over because I obviously like the sound of my voice.

Believe it or not I have NO firm plans for this weekend. I am going to sit in my pj’s and watch Netflix. Oh wait, that’s my normal schedule. I’m going to RECLINE in my pj’s. That’s more like it.

What do YOU have planned?

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  1. Hopefully I will be over my flu and I can enjoy my weekend hunting down the weeks worth of school work I missed… I. Can’t. Wait.

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