Pests *update*

No, it’s not another post about my family. BAHAHAHAHA.

When I was growing up, we lived next door to some interesting people. A rather large lady named Kathleen was one of them. She died several years ago, so I don’t think she’d mind being mentioned on this blog. Kathleen lived in a tar-paper shack. Do you know what that is?

Kathleen’s was not this nice. It was her father’s house, but after he died, she lived there with her husband and her mentally challenged brother. Truthfully, they might have all been a bit challenged. They didn’t have indoor toilets and I remember hearing a story about how her husband was cleaning hot peppers, got some on his hands, then when outside to use the bathroom. I don’t know if Kathleen told us or if we just heard the screaming.

Anyway, I was only inside the house a couple of times. Surprisingly enough, I found it kinda creepy. I know that’s shocking – the child who thought her father was trying to kill her, finding a old shack inhabited by mentally challenged people scary, but I did. I remember very little about the house except that it was the first time I ever saw fly strips.

Do you know what that is?

Ewww. And they had several of these animal-torturing devices hanging around their house. Why was I even there? Were you that hard up for baby-sitters, Mother??

It totally grossed me out at the time. But since then I’ve matured, and realized that people have pests, and I shouldn’t be so judgemental.

Did I mention that I have gnats? Not that I would ever hang tacky, fly strips.

Not when Walmart sells these beautiful, DECORATIVE fly strips. At first the gnats weren’t attracted to it, but then I poured some apple-cider vinegar in the bottom and they came swarming. So now my kitchen not only looks good, but it SMELLS good.

Whatever. At least there are no mentally challenged people here. Feel free NOT to comment.

*JD finally had the “Do you have to TELL everything?” talk with me. To which I responded, “Oh, but there’s so much more! Muh-ha-ha.”

And besides, the gnats are dead. Isn’t that worth sharing? The Internet needs to know!

4 thoughts on “Pests *update*

  1. I think there might be two mentally challenged and one of them is not Rachel. It might be the two who are thinking about a ride down town in a van. You need to expand your circle of friends to friends who have other hobbies.

  2. OH IT’S ON NOW!!!11!!!!1!

    I’m thinking about a 30 day Flickr tribute to the great Zolli. I have PLENTY on my hard drive, and I’m sure JD will trade some of his to me for a few boxes of ammo.

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