Perfectly balanced work and play

I’m still recovering. This past weekend was the perfect blend between activity and down-time. Friday, I worked. Yes, I WORKED. My mother has been complaining that I spend too much time talking about how much I hate work, and how I usually do none, and she thinks that the people who PAY me might get miffed if they were to happen across this blog. What she doesn’t understand is that there is a big difference in working 9 – 5 because you have to, and working 9 – 12, taking a break, working 2 – 4, taking a break, working from the couch from 7:30 – 9:30 while also watching The Voice. Same amount of work, MY schedule. Totally different.

Like Saturday. While most people were enjoying there day off, I was sending emails and writing copy, and looking for illustrations for all of the invites I need to create. Totally stressful. And when I wasn’t working, I was working. On the house. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, all of that boring stuff that I hate and never really works anyway, cause it just looks the exact same 45 minutes later. But I did it, cause I ALWAYS do what needs to be done, then I put on my pj’s and immersed myself in a book. Good day.

Sunday, instead of going to church like good people, we met Carolyn and the boys for a trip to watch the Atlanta Braves. Dakota was having a birthday, so we all piled into Carolyn’s truck and went downtown for some tailgating. My first tailgate experience ever! While we did some things great  – grill, vegan dogs, chairs, games – we forgot the most important ingredient, BEER. Luckily they sell those inside the stadium, and since I took that $175 shirt/sweater combo back to the Black & White store, I could buy one. The game was a WIN, and despite the fact that the kids ate hotdogs, popcorn, dipping dots and cotton candy THEN ran the bases, no one threw up.

It was a perfect day. Except for the part where we got home and found that our dog had pooped in the floor, fallen in it and made doggy poop angels all over the house.

It was such a mess that I just left it with JD and brought Moon and the 3 boys with me to Tennessee.

I’m still not sure who came out ahead on that one.

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