People, get serious!

This is real. Completely and totally, honest to goodness real.

The man-heel — or “meel” as some have termed it — is simultaneously a coming trend in several wildly different milieus. The most eye-catching examples are to be found in the semi-Goth, semi-glam society of high-fashion menswear obsessives. The natural territories for these platform-heeled pioneers include Hoxton, TopMan at Oxford Circus and various international fashion weeks. In Paris this spring, both Gareth Pugh’s and Rick Owen’s shows were attended by high-heeled male audience members. It was the same at Rodarte in New York and Pam Hogg in London. Notable man-platforms are being produced by Jean-Michel Cazabat and Owens himself. Both offer man-heels of about four inches and upwards.

Then, there’s THIS:

“We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them,” said Nickelson Wooster, the men’s fashion director at Neiman Marcus, which was until recently the only department store carrying them.

Wow, how far we’ve come. When I was growing up, men were expected to work and pay all the bills while women hung out at home.  The children were gone ALL DAY in public school, no home-schooling required. The only thing expected from the wife was that her house was clean, clothes were washed and dinner was on the table.

But then along came Gloria Steinem and the feminist movement. Now half the women I know are supporting their husbands who are now apparently free to wear high heels and girdles.

My poor daughter. How in the world is she supposed to find a man that doesn’t lay around being bone idle, wear her heels, or is artificially enhanced due to Lycra?

I guess this is a start.

2 thoughts on “People, get serious!

  1. I can’t wait to see all our men in heels and girdles just hope we don’t die laughing.

  2. Lord. Are you insinuating I’m bone idle? I worked one week this year! and I ain’t wearin’ no heels. unless they’re camo and come in hip waders……and I thin we all know I have NOT started wearing a girdle…..

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