Parenting Advice

I was contacted recently by a group that wanted to know my advice for college students who just happen to also be parents. Obviously, these are complete strangers who’ve never seen my parenting skill on display, or have access to my GPA. Still, you don’t become a moderately successful blogger/writer/graphic designer/mom without knowing a little bit about how life works. Did I say moderately? Note to future bloggers – blogs are GREAT for exaggeration.

Where was I? Oh yeah, advice. Well, here’s what I’ve found to be true. You really can NOT do it all, so why even try? For instance, this week is busy with work – lots of print ads to create, AND I’ve got a short-story deadline due. I’ve got Christmas stuff to order, my daughter’s homework to check, cooking to do for a weekend trip, and I’m trying to expand my followers on Twitter. Which is why my house looks like crack addicts are camping in my living room. Something has to go, Kittens, and I vote for housework.

Also, learn to like being fat.

That doesn’t have anything to do with parenting, but you should those youthful hormones will only take you so far. Wear those skinny jeans while you can!

It takes a little more work as you get older.

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