P90X Update


This is Tony. He’s the dude on my P90X dvd that tells me to “BRING IT!” every day. I don’t know who the chickie on the right is, but I don’t like her. Mainly because she looks like she’s already “brought it”. Waaaahhh. I want to bring it, Tony, I want to BRING IT!

Sigh. I’ve been doing this ultra-difficult, fat-roasting workout torture for 32 days. THIRTY-TWO days. Only once have I skipped what I was supposed to do, because my back was WRENCHED, and I did TWO workouts the next day to make up for it.

And I’ve been dieting – protein bars, grilled chicken, grilled fish, rice, REPEAT. For 32 days.

Total weight lost? TWO POUNDS. That’s right, 2 whole pounds. I would be really discouraged except for the fact that my husband SWEARS that I’ve gotten more toned. And I can now touch my toes, so whoopdie doo dah. I’m getting all healthy and flexible and crap.

But I wanted to BRING IT.

Here’s the before –


Here’s me after 32 days –


All right. I guess I can see a tiny difference. I’ll keep pushing on. But if the weight doesn’t start moving – I’m gonna BRING Mr. Tony Horton something he’s not expecting. And his little chickie too.

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