Out With the Old, In With the New Delhi

Oh M Gee. I firmly believe if you can find the International Tourist Counter at the New Delhi train station, you can do anything. Even if it takes you three frustrating hours and then you find out that all the trains to anywhere good are sold out, (and it will and they will be) consider the day an accomplishment. You found the International Counter AND you didn’t kill anyone in the process. Good job, You!

The best part of the day was finding ourselves at the Shamnath Villa, an Indian version of a Bed and Breakfast only with all meals and a hostess named Shalani who can do ANYTHING. She’s like your mom, if your mom knew Hindi and had a mobile phone loaded with contacts that she could call at the drop of the hat when you realize all the trains are full and if you have to ever go back to the Delhi train station you just might LOSE it, and your Indian phone is almost out of minutes and unless you find a band-aid, you’ll be seeing the Red Fort from a fetal position, cause no one has fed you in HOURS and your blister is the size of a rick-shaw, not the bicycle kind but the large, enclosed type with a motor!

Wish you were here.

Although Mantamy and I finally figured out the Metro system, and how to walk to the Red Fort without getting run over, we thought we’d live a little today and hire a driver. We can get an air-conditioned car with a driver who’ll take us all over town, waiting for us while we see the sights, for eight full hours – total cost $15.00 each.

Sure it won’t give me the same authentic feel as yesterday, but since by “feel” I mean “blister”, I can live with that.

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