On second thought…

As I was laying in my hotel bed this weekend, freaked out about my upcoming meeting with an agent and with 42 plot ideas running through my head, a sudden, unrelated thought surfaced –


All the couponing I’ve been doing lately has saved me tons of money – tons of money on processed JUNK we shouldn’t be eating. What was I thinking??

THIS is what I bought today.


Now doesn’t that look healthy? Or this –


I mean, it was Hand Picked With CARE! Isn’t that sweet? Way better than a box of processed poison. Soooo, I’ve decided to give away all the crappy food in my freezer.


This is my husband with a load to take to my brother’s house. I have no problem poisoning my brother, he’s the favorite.

JD is THRILLED. First I go coupon crazy and we have to have buy a freezer for our 15 boxes of pizza, 16 tubs of butter, and 12 pints of free, Starbucks ice-cream. NOW we give it all away and buy nothing but non-processed, healthy food. Isn’t he lucky? Living with me must be  a dream come true.

3 thoughts on “On second thought…

  1. Your crazy – save me the butter. No one wants to eat lettuce all the time except rabbits.

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