Old Time Shopping

Sunday, after our carbo-loaded lunch, we stopped at Old Time Pottery. I was in the market for a new rug for our living room. Basically, it needed to be large, cute, and about 35.00 dollars. Kittens, you’ll find this hard to believe, but there was no such rug to be found. I was ready to change my criteria to big, ugly and as close to the thirties and we can get it, but JD hated everything we saw.


But while I was there, I did see some OTHER cute things. Because I almost never shop retail, I’m always amazed at the fun things I find.

Dog beds for 17.99. Aren’t they lovely? Since my dogs are perfectly fine with the old comforter laying under the desk, I passed. But I was tempted.

Look, fun bake-ware in a variety of shapes and sizes! All for 14.99. I buy mine, already with baked-in stains, at yard-sales for 1.99 each. Otherwise, I would have totally grabbed one or two of these.

Isn’t that umbrella cute? According to my husband, it doesn’t go with our backyard theme of “stained and rusty”, otherwise I would have purchased it on the spot! It was around 50 bucks with the stand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into Retail Land. Our regularly scheduled trip through Cast Off Yard-Sale Trash will resume soon.

2 thoughts on “Old Time Shopping

  1. If you buy these cute high priced items they will look just like the yard sale items within a few months therefore we don’t need them.

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