Oh my.

Rachel and I went to the park Friday. This is her, just a few days ago.


We had planned the trip, packed a lunch, and the day went off without a hitch.

Today I had another plan. I’d spend my afternoon cleaning the house, have a quiet dinner with the family, then work on my computer for the rest of the evening. Then Rachel, my sweet darling daughter who was quietly cleaning her room, walked in.


Rachel decided to cut her own hair! How cool is THAT?


She had a little trouble with the back.


And she got a little close on the front.  And the sides.


But all in all she was happy with the results. As much as I LOVED it, I thought it could use a professional touch, just to even things out.






Dad was a little sad, but I consoled myself with thoughts of tangle-free mornings and easy shampoos.  Ahhh, children. They make life so much more interesting.

7 thoughts on “Oh my.

  1. Looks like we have another beautician in the family. Hope that’s spelled right, is it oh Favorite One?

  2. So Carolyn texted me to check out the “oh my” blog and I was breathless. Then she says…”I wonder if Lisa was horrified?” Mother of boys!!! She looks beautiful though,,,,long or short hair! Gosh, lucky girl…she’s the next Meg Ryan!

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