Oh, Brother!


Phone rings a few days ago –

Zgirl: Hello.

AmmoGuy: Hey, I was thinking about picking up Moonpie and taking her and Rimfire to pick out pumpkins.

Zgirl: Sounds great, let me know when.

A few days later –

Zgirl: Hello?

AmmoGuy: Hey, since Moonpie and Rimfire like to play, and the pumpkin patch is near the school, why don’t you pick up Rimfire early, go get the pumpkins, then you guys can come HERE and we’ll carve them.

Zgirl: Okay.

A few hours later via text –

AmmoGuy: Since you’re going to have the girls at your house already, why don’t we go ahead and carve them there?

Zgirl: How ’bout I buy them, carve them, then make a pumpkin pie and bring it to your house?

AmmoGuy: Great. Just bring it on in so I don’t have to get off the couch.

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