Nutrisystem (also know as Diet #481)

So in an effort to try EVERY diet under the sun, I recently signed up for Nutrisystem. After one week, I’m ready to give a full report.

I ordered online and went with the Choose Your Own Food option. After 4 – 6 days, my food arrived, and it was a BIG box. I was surprised to learn that none of it was frozen, especially since I’d ordered pizza and lasagna. Anyway, the huge box came, including the Fast 5 box of food and shakes they’d included as an incentive to order. Here’s my thoughts:


1. The food was GOOD. Pretty much everything I tried – the muffins, lasagna, white bean chili – all of it was delicious.

2. The plan was EASY. Seriously, when it’s time for breakfast, I just picked up the bag marked BREAKFAST. It was really nice not to have to think about what I was going to eat.

3. It WORKED. I didn’t lose the fast 5 pounds (more about that below), but I did lose weight – 2.2 pounds.

Okay, now the Cons:

1. It’s PRICEY. The basic plan is $244.00 for a month of food and you have to auto-renew for at least an additional month to get THAT price.

2. The portions are SMALL. This is not really a con since they don’t expect you to just eat the food they send. You are supposed to eat your meals with veggies and smart carbs, etc. but if you were just going to eat the meals alone, you’d be hungry.

3. I didn’t lose that MUCH. I would have like to have lost the full 5 pounds but since I substituted one of their “shakes” with a “beer”, and one of their “lunches” with “Chinese”,  I can’t really blame them.

A friend of mine wanted to try it and so today I ordered 3 of the One Week Sample packs and it ended up being $197.00 dollars. If she ends up joining, we both get $30.00 bucks off our next order!

One more PRO – the customer service as been amazing. My first order didn’t arrive on time, FED-EX couldn’t find us, and when I called on a SATURDAY, the nice rep was able to input directions AND change my second order to be shipped via UPS. Also, when I called to order the 7 Day Sample Pack, the rep put the order in and found a way to save me $30.0o dollars.

We’ll see how I feel in two months, but for now, it’s NutriSystems GO!

(Sorry that there are no pictures but I’m having Iphone issues)

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